"This is how we know that we belong to the truth and how we set our hearts at rest in His presence." 1 John 3:19

Frequently asked questions

What should I wear?

We are a come as you are church. We encourage people to come dressed however they are comfortable. Some come in dressed up, others come dressed casually.

Is there child care?

Yes. For the little ones we offer nursery during the 9:45 AM service and with some advance notification can offer nursery during the 8:30 AM service. Older kids stay in the service for the opening songs and then Sunday school class when dismissed. Children are welcome to stay in the service.

How long do the services last?

Approximately one hour. We have coffee and refreshments in our fellowship room following each service so if you show up a little early and our 8:30 AM service is still going, grab a coffee and meet so folks. Welcome to the family of Faith.

What kind of music do you have?

At Faith, we enjoy all kinds of music. Both services offer a blend of music. The 8:30 AM service leans a little more on the modern side while our 9:45 AM service leans a little more traditional, but we strive to have a blend of styles in both services.

Will you point out the visitors?

No, but if you choose, we would love to have you fill out a visitors card. You will not be pointed out, we are honored to have you with us.

How can I know what is happening at Faith?

The best way to keep informed about activities, Bible studies, and special events is to join our Faith Family Email list (found in our website navigation) and follow our Facebook page. For general information about regularly scheduled activities, you are in the right place. We try to keep the website up-to-date with the regular activities of Faith.

What is the church like?

We are not just a church, we are a family and invite everyone to worship with us. We are a non-denominational church with blended worship services. The Bible is the foundation for our teaching. We are a missional church that gives to missions and desires to influence our community with the Gospel. Our vision is to be the church outside of our walls engaging the world through our everyday lives. At Faith, there is a place for everyone. Welcome, Home!